Wholesale Kratom Tea Powder – Underlining Benefits & Importance of Restricted Usage

Medication becomes a must for everyone of us at some point in our life. With technological progress being a continuous process, we are never short on supply of medicines. However, there are several mild and severe side-effects of drugs. The drugs are instant solutions for pain relief or a cure for other physical ailments of people. That aftermath has prompted both common people and researchers to tilt towards better and healthier alternatives from medicinal plants. After all, Mother Nature is always blessed with plenty of herbal plants. Though some of these are dangerous drugs containing toxins, the rest are known for their amazing benefits for human being.

A well-known medicinal herb found in abundance is kratom or Mitragyna Speciosa. It is a native to the countries seated along the pacific belt and South-East Asia. It has multiple medicinal benefits and is used almost throughout the world. wholesale kratom tea powder is available at land-based stores as well as online though some countries have strict laws prohibiting their people from using or possessing kratom.

Major Use of Kratom

Kratom is widely known for its amazing power to relieve pain immediately and help people give up opiate or heroin addiction. However, there are more to benefits of kratom usage. This herb also functions as a stimulant. If taken in moderate dosage, it can instill monstrous energy into the users. They feel positively charged and can stay active without any kind of tiredness throughout the day. Such kind of physical and mental state always helps people come up with fresh and pragmatic ideas as well as sharpens their creativity. However, only restricted use of kratom can produce such wonderful benefits.

Despite so many benefits, some countries have enforced stringent laws prohibiting people from growing, producing, using and even possessing kratom due to its sedative effects. Kratom is one of those herbs that are subjects of researches in many western countries. They have not prohibited use or possession of kratom extracts and wholesale kratom tea powder is easily available at stores there. Most of Kratom wholesale products are available at reasonable prices. They are sold in different forms and concentrations to meet various pharmaceutical requirements.

Kratom for Aromatherapy

Kratom has emerged as an effective herb for aromatherapy. It suits people who are not allergic to aroma. Kratom finds its use as incense for its soothing fragrance. In addition to a number of medicinal benefits, kratom finds an extensive use in advanced medical research. Kratom has more potential benefits that are yet to be tapped into. With relentless medical research, it is possible to discover further medicinal benefits of kratom and how to put it to more good use. Scientists can formulate better and further usage of kratom. In coming days, this herb could be used as a better replacement for chemical drugs to treat illness.

Final Words

In Thailand, tradition permits people to chew kratom leaves. However, unrestricted use of kratom will leave you with some forms of addiction and sedative effects. So you must seek advice from a doctor before using the herb for whatever purpose you want to use it.


Kratom – An Effective Herb for Stress Relief

Kratom is a powerful product for stress relief and sourced from medical plants found abundant in the countries nestled around the pacific region and southeast part of Asia. Kratom is a herb known for its multiple benefits. It is extensively used throughout the world to relieve people from depression and stress apart from curing them from a number of other ailments. Kratom also finds massive use for heroin withdrawals. Even in restrictive dose, Kratom is a wonderful herb for energy infusion into the users.

Kratom leaves are grinded to produce a powdery form that gets easily dissolved in liquid. However, the leaves are used more while preparing tea. Neither Kratom leaves nor its powder is harmful for our health, if used in moderate quantity. Still there are some countries that have stringent laws prohibiting people from using and possessing a massive amount of kratom. Kratom has sedative effects and that is the reason why those countries have such law in force. And there are some countries where use of kratom is strictly forbidden.

Usage of Kratom for Reliving Stress

Kratom is one of few products considered highly effective to relive stress. According to researches, kratom is a panacea for those suffering from stress and depression. Such mental faculties gnaw into one’s existence and the person could go mad if the problem is not addressed immediately. It is an era of tough competition that is getting fiercer with every passing day. Too much competition puts extra burden of stress on some of us instead of stimulating our performance.

To be honest, stress is a part and parcel of our life as it encourages us to perform better. But once it gets beyond a certain level (the level varies from person to person), problems start and hamper our life. The workable strategy to overcome stress is to learn how to keep it under control. However, it is not always possible for us to tame stress and an external help feels a strong necessity. Kratom has a magical power to help stressed people. Kratom is not considered a drug in some countries like Thailand where it is a tradition to chew maeng da kratom.

The same plant is also used in manufacturing of a special kind of beverage.


Kratom is very helpful for businessmen and company echelons. Being saddled with enormous work pressure, they always feel stressed. Use of kratom leaves helps them feel energetic, optimized and happy which are almost absent in their monotonous life. Relief from stress infuses optimism and positive energy into the users. And who not knows that an energetic person always enjoys stepped-up productivity. It is very important for all of us to stay energetic throughout the day and kratom is very helpful in this regard.

Having a positive frame of mind is one of the most important requirements for those in search of success. We need to cope with mounting pressure in order to rejuvenate ourselves. A fresh mind is always a safe haven of creativity, unique and more practical ideas. Kratom, which works for stress relief, gives a good boost to one’s performance.

Kratom – A Good Choice for Stress Relief

Kratom is sourced from a natural medical plant grown in profusion in the southeast part of Asia as well as Pacific region. It is a kind of herb having multiple medicinal benefits. Kratom is well-known for opium withdrawals. However, it is also used widely to relieve people from their stress and depression. If used in a restricted way, kratom can instill more energy into the users.

Kratom is also used in powdered form. According to studies, kratom – whether you use its leaves or consume it in powdered form – is safe for our health. Still some countries have strict laws prohibiting their people from possessing kratom in massive amount (beyond what is mentioned in rules). This law has been enforced most probably because kratom has sedative effects. Even in some countries, its use is stringently forbidden.

Kratom Usage to Relieve Stress

Kratom is highly effective for stress relief. Research has proved that kratom can greatly benefit them who are suffering from depression or under heavy mental stress. In this era of stiff competitions, almost all of us are troubled with multitude of problems. True it is that stress is very common for all of us. In reality, it also stimulates our performance level. However, problems kick off only when stress reaches a level beyond your control.

The mantra to cope with stress is to learn how to tame it. Sometimes, when it gets difficult to control stress or deal with it easily, we need something from outside to help us get back on track. Kratom works like a magic in this regard. In Thailand, kratom plant is regarded not as a drug unlike in several countries. In fact, it is a tradition for the Thai people to chew kratom leaves.
Use of kratom leaves has become a part of tradition in several countries seated in the Southeast Asia and pacific regions. This plant is also extensively used in these areas to manufacture a type of beverage.

Kratom is just like a wonder for the company higher-ups and businessmen who are always stressed. Intake of kratom leaves makes them bask in an amazing feel of optimism, energy and happiness, which they have almost forgotten due to rising level of stress. If a person feels energetic throughout the day, he/she ends up being more productive.

Being high on energy is very important for the creative people as they need to refresh their minds in a bid to be brimming with new ideas. They need a way out to adapt themselves to mounting pressure. Some can do it more easily while for others, effective help is very important. For them, Kratom usage is ideal for stress relief.

Where you can buy kratom

Use of herbal medicines is now on high rise throughout the world. This is because; herbal medicines are believed to inflict no negative effects that are very common in case of allopathic treatment. Kratom is not hard to find if you live in a country where it is not banned. You can buy this product online or at a local store if it deals in herbal products.

Herbal Treatment with Kratom for Opiate Withdrawals

Use of opiate-based medications like Demerol, Oxicontin, Vicodin is not always illegal especially when these are prescribed by medical practitioner. These medicines help the users get relief of pain quickly though build up tolerance against their effects. As a result, the users become more prone to abuse of these pain medications. The most common mode of abuse is through sniffing, crushing or injecting with a syringe.

In general, drug abuse refers to addiction to illicit drugs such as cocaine or heroin. In the worldwide battle against illicit drug use, there are now more effective weapons. Fortunately, there have been some remarkable developments in the field of herbal and alternative medicine. In a continuous search for an effective way to stop the vicious cycle of drug abuse, people are adopting self-treatment technique.

And when it comes to herbal treatment for opiate withdrawals, kratom is an important mention.

Kratom – Basic Facts

Kratom is found in abundance in Thailand and other Pacific countries. This herbal plant features green leaves and can be as high as 50 ft in height. This plant has been widely used among the natives in Thailand from time immemorial. A long way back in 1897, people started using leaves and other parts of kratom plants to cure opium addiction. More recently, patients in several treatment centres in Australia were administered kratom to combat opium addiction.

Kratom to Treat Drug Abuse

Kratom is supposed to work slowly to help the drug addicted get rid of their addiction. A certain dose of kratom is administered to the patients receiving treatment for heroine withdrawals. The does is reduced over time and depending on the condition of the patients. In such cases, kratom usage for drug withdrawals is strictly supervised by the experts.

How Kratom Works

Kratom functions as mu crossover is enhanced in presence of illicit drugs in the physical system. Due to this fact, kratom exploitation is a strong possibility in the process of treating the narcotics addicted. This herbal treatment helps the addicted stop using the narcotic, with withdrawals and cravings being moderated with mitragynine bindings with the delta receptors in the brain of those receiving treatment.

Points to Note

Kratom is very useful for the addicted and produces much better result than the prescribed drugs for opiate withdrawals. Some experts think kratom functions as a double edged sword. When you are using kratom to fight against addiction to the prescribed medicines (opium based), you must make sure to continue with your medications.

But when you take these medicines regularly for a good length of time, you become dependent on them and commercial drugs never give you permanent relief from pain. As a side effect, you will feel tired and lethargic and the simplest task suddenly seems more painstaking.

Kratom does not produce any kind of side effect when used as a pain-killer. No dependence follows and the users will never feel any kind of mental fog or lethargy. In alternative medicine, Kratom is often claimed to be a miracle for both chronic pain and opium addictions.

Kratom Extract – Some Most Common Misconceptions

Amidst recent and growing concerns over synthetic drugs, natural and organic products have also been brought under scrutiny. This is the scenario where a lot of misconceptions are doing round in regards to the natural products and one of them is kratom. It is an herbal plant and widely used for its several medicinal benefits.

In order to differentiate between kratom and other harmful substances, it is important to know how to identify the plant. Many misleading information regarding kratom usage are easily available online but that are far from truth and have even proved false. Despite spawning a host of benefits, kratom extract must not be used without prior consultation with a medical expert; otherwise it could be detrimental to your physical and even mental health.

Kratom is scientifically known as mitragyna speciosa. This herb grows in some particular regions of Asia and has been integral to Eastern medicine. Kratom leaves have sedative effects among other benefits and so are extensively used to relieve pain. The herb is also used to enhance energy and quite popular for helping in heroine withdrawals. It does not produce adverse side effects, which is an added advantage of kratom use.

Common Misconceptions about Kratom

Kratom is, more than often, wrongly represented in media owing to outlets that sell the product in different forms. Kratom is sold at shops that also deal in spices, bath salts as well as several synthetic drugs. It leads to a common myth that kratom is also a synthetic drug despite its being widely touted as a natural product.

Another reason for the misconception that kratom is a synthetic substance is based on the places where the plant is originally sold. Kratom is a naturally growing plant and finds a wider use in ancient medicine. If taken under the advice of a medical practitioner, it is an extremely effective tool to cure opiate addiction, give relief from pain and also step up energy level.

Kratom also helps the users overcome mental stress, depression and even negative thoughts.

Misconception about Kratom Abuse

Another common misconception about kratom is it is an abused substance whereas the reality is completely different. Kratom extract never causes euphoria or any feeling of lethargy, which is very common to certain drugs. According to studies, there has been no report of serious health hazards following consumption of kratom.

Addictive Quality Misconceptions

Kratom plants contain alkaloids. As a result, it is commonly believed that kratom produces an effect that is akin to what one feels after opiate consumption. It begets a common delusion that kratom has addictive qualities and even may pose serious health risk. The fact is kratom is as harmful as any popular beverage like coffee.

Despite the fact that some users get addicted to drinking a special kind of tea made from kratom, this herbal plant cannot be bracketed with illegal drugs. Taking kratom even regularly does not lead to any traditional kind of addiction. Even overdose of kratom will not result into criminal behaviors. A drink made from kratom leaves will only lead to energy boost-up and help people fight depression.

Significance of Using Kratom Leaves in Heroine Withdrawals

It is most shocking for someone to discover that his/her close one is addicted to drugs – that are infamously known as heroin. It is quite natural for them to get angry, disappointed, confused and they fail to understand how to deal with the problem. And they discover – to their dismay – that their loved ones have been taking heroines at home…just under their nose and they were completely unaware of that.

Most of them start rebuking and even resort to physical assaults as they think it will force the addicted to give up bad habit. However, it is not as easy as they think. heroine withdrawls are very painful and take a lot of time depending on how long the person in question is addicted to this habit.

Kratom & Drug Withdrawal

Kratom is a deserving mention when it comes to withdrawal of opium. Regular and prescribed intake of Kratom is a natural way to help the addicted to quit heroine use. In fact, this plant is widely used for treatment of opium addiction. Kratom, which is scientifically named as Mitragyna speciosa, is a medicinal plant offering plenty of benefits to the users.

This plant belongs to the family of Rubiaceae, plenty of which is abundant in southeast part of Asia, including Myanmar, Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia. The tree has ovate-acuminate-shaped and dark green leaves. The flowers have globular cluster shape and yellow colour. A kratom tree is usually 12-30ft in height and only 15ft in width.

How is kratom used to treat drug addicted?

Studies have established the fact that Kratom is very much effective in cases of heroine withdrawals. Kratom is highly cross-tolerant to opiates and so finds a wider use for detox treatment almost throughout the world, particularly in New Zealand. Kratom is given to opium-addicted people for a stretch of six weeks and as a result, syndromes of heroine withdrawals clearly manifest themselves. Over this time period, initial dosage of kratom is gradually reduced.

Other uses of kratom

Benefits of kratom use are not restricted to opium withdrawal only. Regular use of kratom leaves makes you feel more energetic and enable you to perform more work ever than before. Kratom also changes a person from inner within. It works towards improving one’s persona. In fact, a remarkable change won’t evade your attention. You will start talking more and socializing with people.

However, kratom also leaves a sedative effect on users if they take a high dose of it. Take 21-50 gms of Kratom leaves and you will appear abnormally calm and even start daydreaming.

Words of Caution

Keeping in mind that higher dose of kratom could leave a negative impact on your health and personality; you should take it only under strict supervision of a medical expert. Regular intake will be highly effective for heroine withdrawals but you may get addicted to kratom in this process. However, this addiction is not as severe as drug addiction and dose of kratom is also significantly reduced towards the end of six-week period.

Whatever purpose you are using this herbal plant for, make sure to consult a medical practitioner and take the dose as prescribed by him.

Buy Kratom & Use It but Only under Strict Supervision of Medical Experts

Kratom is a plant having plenty of benefits and grown in Southeast Asian countries including Myanmar, Malaysia, Indonesia and Malaysia. It is found in abundance in swamps and rainforests. Kratom has a long history of usage – spanning over hundreds of years – in those parts that are a home to this medicinal plant. If kratom is consumed in limited amount, it will produce a stimulant effect whereas if taken in larger amount, it functions like sedative.

Kratom is easily available online. You can also buy kratom from a local shop if its use is not prohibited in your country.

Features of Kratom

Kratom leaves are not new to practice of medicines in Asia. It has long been used both as a sedative and stimulant. It functions as a stimulant when used in restricted way and works as a sedative if higher dose is taken. They also find extensive use as a pain killer, to treat diarrhea and opiate addiction.

Kratom is a big tree which is 12-15 ft in height and in some cases, even can be as tall as 40-100 ft. It features dark green leaves that can be more than 7 inches in length and 4 inches in width. The color of Kratom flowers is beautiful yellow. Kratom being an evergreen plant, its leaves are always replaced.

These plants require fertile and humid soil as well as full exposure to sunlight for their growth. They should also be protected from strong winds. These plants are highly sensitive to frost and drought. Kratom use is banned in many Asian countries owing to drug abuse. It is also thought that the plant leaves have power of ‘strong addiction’ but more research needs to be done to speak volume for the claim.

Types of Kratom

Depending on the colors of veins in the leaves, kratom is mainly of three types – red, green and white. The green type is considered to have more powerful effects though most of the users like a mix of available varieties. Many vendors sell Kratom powder or crushed leaves though whole leaf is also available. Kratom extracts are also popular among the users.

Use of Kratom

Kratom leaves have active alkaloids that have both sedative and stimulant effect. While working as a stimulant, kratom helps you stay focused and more alert. You will feel more energized physically. Use of kratom also leaves noticeable impact on users as they suddenly start talking more and feel like socializing with a lot of people. Sometimes, use of kratom also enhances the level of the users’ sex drive.

According to studies and surveys, users become insensitive to pain and feel a strong sense of calmness if they take a higher dosage of Kratom. Some users have even reported that they reach a dreamy state. Some people experience sweating, itching and even nausea. However, these problems can be easily overcome with a good amount of rest. Some reports also suggest appreciation of music. Some users have even reported a positive ‘glow’ the following day.

Whatever purpose you like to buy kratom for, it is important to consult a medical expert to avoid any unpleasant aftermath.

Multiple Benefits of Kratom & How It Can Help in Opiate Withdrawals

Mitragyna speciosa or Kratom is a medicinal plant grown from the large trees belonging to Rubiaceae family, aplenty of which are found in the southeast regions of Asia, including Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia and Myanmar. The tree features dark green and ovate-acuminate-shaped leaves. The flowers are yellow in color and globular clustered in shape. Usually a kratom tree is 12-30ft in height whereas it’s width is only 15ft.

There are two different varieties of kratom plant – Red Vein and White Vein. In different regions of Pacific Islands and Southeast Asia, the plant is known by several nicknames like biak biak, ithang, kakuam, ketum, krathom and thom. Even before it’s medicinal properties were discovered by the 19th century Western botanists, the natives of Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia had already been using it for a long period of time. Both white and red vein kratom products are found in different forms such as dried leaves, fresh leaves, small pellets, paste, powder and even plant extract.


Use of Kratom 

Like several alkaloid containing plants, kratom is used as a pain killer and also to cure diabetes. Apart from medicinal purposes, kratom also finds recreational and therapeutic use. Kratom leaves are also known for their stimulating effect. If low to medium dose of kratom is consumed (about 2-20gms of leaves), it could reduce fatigue and even bring forth euphoria. It’s stimulating effects are quite encompassing in the sense that these could result into increasing the users’ physical and sexual energy.


Daily intake of kratom could put you on high alert and also improve your ability to perform physical works. On the inner side, kratom could contribute towards improving your personality. You could see a change in yourself as you tend to be more talkative, friendly and sociable. Kratom can also produce sedative-like effects if taken at a high dose, say 21-50 grams of leaves. You will look calm, have a pleasant feel and even may be daydreaming.

However, there are several unpleasant side-effects of non-regulated use of kratom as the users may develop problems of sweating, nausea, vomiting, itching and even constricted pupils.

Treatment for Opiate Addiction

According to research, kratom is highly effective for opiate withdrawals. Due to it’s cross-tolerance with opiates, kratom is extensively used in New Zealand for detox treatment. Those who are addicted to opium are given kratom to smoke for six weeks and after then, opiate withdrawal symptoms are clearly noticed. Within this time period, dosage of kratom is slowly reduced.


Therapeutic use of kratom must be controlled and should be under meticulous supervision of an authorized party. Regular intake of kratom may leave you addicted though this addiction won’t be as severe as what is found in case of heroin or opium use. In some countries like Thailand, Denmark, Australia and Myanmar, there are strict rules to restrict the use of this herb and any individual found with illegal possession of kratom has to face severe penalty.

Advanced studies on this herbal plant and it’s medicinal value have revealed that kratom has antioxidants and so can produce the same benefits found in Green Tea. The herb also contains fiber providing relief to those suffering from constipation problem.

Kratom Distributors – Authentic Source to Buy Kratom

Megan Deon

Megan Deon

Kratom, an herbal plant having plenty of benefits, is on high demand. This is because people are now getting attracted to organic and natural cure. Kratom distributors offer very high quality organic kratom powder. Finest kratom powder is produced from premium quality of plantations where the kratom plants are pruned in an eco-friendly and selective way.

The best quality of leaves are chosen for woody stem removal and then passed through a mechanical process of sifting. The sifted leaves also undergo a milling process and as a result, finest kratom powder is produced. You can mix this powder with any liquid to avoid its bitter taste while taking it directly in form of pills. You can buy low-cost kratom powder from the distributors where premium quality product is always a guarantee.

Laboratory Testing

Reputed kratom discounters always swear by quality as their products undergo meticulous laboratory testing. They are very finical about whether their maeng da kratom scores high on quality and is up to the customers’ expectations. Kratom is available in a variety of colors such as red, green, white and these distributors usually have plenty of stocks of each kratom vein variety.

The distributors always help their clients get superlative quality of herb and to ensure that, proper and methodical laboratory testing is done. They also provide shipping facilities. They email shipping confirmation letter to their clients. The distributors try their best to deliver only the best quality item that is rich in benefits and fulfills every need of the clients. Several types of kratom powder are on offer and they are available at a very attractive price.

Benefits of Kratom

With growing demand for kratom, people are scouting market for the finest quality of herb. The kratom distributors are doing a great work to satisfy consumers’ requirements. Kratom is unique in its look and texture. Most importantly, it offers a host of medicinal cures. Red vein kratom or Red Thai causes euphoria and relieves pain. Red vein type is sourced from kratom trees having reddish leaves and stems, with color determined by presence of chemicals in the plant.

Kratom, in general, is a mood enhancer and also used as a pain-reliever. It also produces a balanced and synergistic effect on the users. It is considered good for diabetes and finds a massive use in drugs withdrawal therapy. White kratom produces very good aroma.  

Dosage of Kratom

Dosage is very important while taking kratom. Some varieties of kratom create sedative effects. Both red vein type and Indonesian kratom help you relax more and so are used in a large dosage. On the contrary, lower dosage is administered when kratom is used for sedative effects. So, the users must avoid indiscriminate use of kratom.

Only a medical expert can tell whether kratom will earn you any benefit and if yes, how much of this herb should be consumed. There are various stores where kratom is easily available and their products have usage, dosage and limitations clearly mentioned on the packet. Still to be on safe side, make sure to contact a doctor.